Do you want to know what is Trampled by Turtles?

Thousands of fans turn up for concerts by the likes of the Trampled by Turtles or the Avett Brothers, both the fans and the artists just enjoy the show and couldn’t care less if it was called bluegrass or purple clover. This is the whole point; does it really matter what this form of music is called?

What is Bluegrass Music – Part 1

Trying to define bluegrass music is a bit like saying what color yellow is; it is very much a subjective question that has not one defining answer.

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What is Bluegrass Music – Part 2

In part one of our blog in our investigation what actually was bluegrass music, we unearthed three factions that comprised this genre. .

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The History of Bluegrass Music – Part 1

The very formative roots of bluegrass music grew from the immigrants that came over to America in the 1600s and settled in the south.

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The History of Bluegrass Music – Part 2

The concluding part of our discovery in the history of bluegrass music carries on with the importance of Earl Scruggs in its future development.

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