A Band of Bluegrass Instruments

The sounds of Bluegrass are cheerful and energetic. With a song to sing and a banjo to pick, Bluegrass bands have stayed with their roots. Instruments are a key component in the lineup of music. Each genre has a mainstay of tones, bass and beats that ultimately sway their style into the songs they are known for today. Bluegrass remains a fan favorite with a unique sound leading the way for a good ole time anywhere its played.


The plum picking goodness in bluegrass is contributed by the strings of a banjo. They generally come in four, five and six strings depending on the player and the sound they wish to generate. Banjos have made a stand in numerous musical genres. Jazz, Dixxie, Bluegrass and some Country boast the can’t resist sounds of the Banjo.


Taking front and center of a bluegrass band is none other than a Mandolin. The instrument plays lead and rhythm throughout many of your Bluegrass playlists. Bands use a flat pick to play the mandolin providing a consistent tune that is festive and fun to enjoy.


The most famous of strings is also used in Bluegrass. Electric versions are not typically used as Bluegrass has a to the roots culture. Guitars can play a variety of roles in the industry including rock, folk, country and of course Bluegrass. The Mandolin and Banjo are prominent pieces, yet the guitar makes the perfect accompaniment to complete a set.


There is not a Bluegrass band that could deny the importance of a Fiddle in their music. Fiddles can be played symphonically as a violin or finger tapping fast as a fiddle. The genius stringed instrument can hold an array of sounds to accompany styles from a waltz to a mountain stomping jamboree. You will find the fiddle playing lead, filling the in between and concluding some of our favorite Bluegrass hits.


This Appalachian string adds a genuine note to the instrument list. Bluegrass is a collaboration of Old-time, Folk and Jazz. The Dulcimer was notably used in Old- time and folk making it an important part of Bluegrass history. There are generally four strings that have two lined closely for impromptu tuning while playing. With a keen skill, the Dulcimer generates an unforgettable tone that inevitably is a tried and true player in a Bluegrass band.


In movies, Harmonicas are portrayed as the lone sound of a wayward traveler. Interestingly, the Harmonica works well in a team of instruments. The jazzy and soulful notes played by a Harmonica can be led to a high scale and dropped down in the background. The energizing sounds of a harmonica are a must have in Bluegrass to keep a monumental momentum.

There are several Instruments included in a Bluegrass band. The main components are complimented by the vocal structures of the group. When Bluegrass plays, you can be sure there will be a celebrative setting that soon follows.